Study participants


Alex, 21, Childcare worker & musician who was diagnosed with bipolar I disorder at just 16 years of age, SYDNEY

Jess, 24, Uni student & sales assistant who has been experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder since childhood, SYDNEY

Jo, 39, Freelance journalist & mother of two who battled bipolar disorder for 10 years pre-diagnosis, NEWCASTLE

Bek, 46, HR business partner, wife & fitness enthusiast who has been managing bipolar disorder for more than 20 years, NEWCASTLE

Anita, 45, Mother, writer, mental health advocate & veterinarian who has lived with bipolar I disorder for the past 12 years, BRISBANE

David, 57, Father of four & research coordinator who has battled symptoms of bipolar disorder since her teens, MELBOURNE

Kate, 48, Teacher, mother & budding artist who has lived with bipolar disorder symptoms since adolescence, MELBOURNE

Justin, 31, Aquaculture technician, avid camper & four-wheel driver who has lived with bipolar disorder since his late teens, HOBART

Scott, 45, Father, handyman & former SES volunteer who struggled with undiagnosed bipolar disorder for many years, ADELAIDE

Michelle, 50, Marine biologist & environmental engineer who lived with bipolar for six years prior to diagnosis, ADELAIDE

Petra, 46, Mother of two & volunteer who has grappled with bipolar disorder symptoms since her teens, PERTH

Tameka, 49, Mother, carer & photography enthusiast who has experienced symptoms of bipolar disorder for most of her life, PERTH

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